Double-barreled Spider
at Bear River MBR

ballooning rocket spider
Rocket man! - errrr spider! When I visited Bear River MBR this day in search of ballooning spiders, I was having no luck as I
traveled around the loop but on the next to the last straightaway I finally found them in full force, along with a
few orb weavers already starting to form their webs.  I had to take the photos with a flash because the day was dreary,
and I do mean dreary, with very little sunlight filtering through the clouds. I was just lucky to get this little spider
in the midst of a double-barreled shot from his perch atop an old weed.  Another photo is below. © Carol Davis 3-15-2015

ballooning ground spider
I think this is a ground spider (genus Gnaphosidae). There were also many wolf spiders, some
unidentifiable smaller spiders and
even a crab spider that was hanging around a group of ballooning
spiders. This spider may look large and menacing but it is a tiny guy (or gal) just waiting for a
 good wind to carry him (or her) to another galaxy far, far away.
© Carol Davis 3-15-2015

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