Sowbug Hunter  (three photos)
Dysdera crocata 

AKA: "Pill Bug Hunter", "Stiletto spider"

male Dysdera crocata spider
My neighbor, Launie Black, found this male spider under some boards in her back yard when she was
cleaning. She brought
him over to me in a wheel barrow because she knew I'd want to see him.
I took these pictures and it was hard because
the spider just wanted to get back under cover
and was running around the wheel barrow lickety-split.  Carol Davis 6-19-2014

 sowbug killer
They have huge jaws but are not aggressive or poisonous. They are just a little scary looking.
I usually find them under stones or in the ground. That's where their prey lives. Most people
think they are alien-looking and I have to admit they are quite strange in appearance. If you
dislike what the potato bugs (sowbugs) do to your garden, this spider is your friend.  Launie
took this one back home and put him in her garden.
Carol Davis 6-19-2014

pillbug killing spider
I really like these spiders and I decided to try and get this female out of my friend's sticky trap
 in 2009 because she was still very much alive.  We (the spider and I) worked very hard for
about 20 minutes and we succeeded!  She came out of this with all her appendages attached,
which doesn't always happen in a spider trap rescue. Dysdera crocata only six eyes and are also
 equipped with
long jaws that are especially made for killing sow bugs.  I remember the first one
I ever saw was in some dirt under my deck and I thought I'd discovered some "strange
visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond
those of mortal [spiders]." (Superman flashback!). 
Carol Davis 5-29-1009

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