Immature Sowbug Hunter  (two photos)
Dysdera crocata

little Dysdera crocata
My little neighbor, Kayly, found this Sowbug Hunter under a brick at my
house in Taylorsville, Utah. It was quite
small and pale - obviously an
Dysdera crocata.  © Carol Davis 6-1-2015

eyes of the dysdera
            crocata spider
These large-jawed spiders are just of few of species of spiders that only have six eyes. As you can see from
this brightened photo, they are kind of in a half circle - two on the top and two on each side.
Dysdera crocata
eat sowbugs (i.e. roly-polies, pill bugs)
and those large fangs can fit easily around the pudgy sowbug bodies.
You will often find these spiders under bricks, wood and even in little passages underground left by other
insects. Almost everyone who has a yard has run into them at one time or another.  Though their bite
is harmless, I'm sure it's extremely painful due to the size of the jaws. Here's a great picture on
Bugguide of one with its fangs extended (taken by Sean McVey).  © Carol Davis 6-1-2015

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