jumping spider poem
                and photo

Eight is Great

by Carol Davis

If you need a helping hand
To keep the insects from your land
I’m the tiny guy you need
Listen now and please take heed.

I watch the bushes and the trees
Searching for the bugs and bees
I ask so little for my pay
A gentle hand and no bug spray

My favorite thing is pesky flies.
They wink at me with all those eyes.
I have only eight, but yet
A tougher foe they haven’t met.

I stalk them silent, fast or slow
Until I deal the fatal blow.
I spring and catch them unaware
While they are fussing with their hair.

Sometimes I miss but do not fear,
I’ll try again, I’m always near.
I’ll glance around with my big eyes
Through leafy branch and sunlit skies.

spider line with fly
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