Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Genus Eris

eris jumping spider
This tiny little Eris male jumping spider was not far from another plump little gray female jumping
spider and she was keeping an eye on him. I was wondering if they could be the same species but
 I'll never know. I do believe they were both Eris.  © Carol Davis 4-13-2015

black and white jumping spider
This is a fierce-looking little guy with straight black lines that come back from his two big eyes
making it look like he's kinda grumpy; but the white outline around those same eyes
gives him a
little softer touch. Jumping spiders are fierce hunters and fun to watch.  © Carol Davis 4-13-2015

face of the eris jumper
All male jumping spiders like to look at themselves in the lens of your camera, thinking
that they are seeing a (very handsome) rival male.  They will often jump on the lens
 if you get
too close.  © Carol Davis 4-13-2015

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