Frozen Crab (spiders)
Genus Thanatus

cold crab spider
While not actually frozen, a crab spider and a wolf spider were waiting for me to photograph them shortly after I entered
Antelope Island on this cold, cold day (temperature below 32 and wind chill about 22 -brrrrr). The
wind was wickedly
cold as it blew off the lake.  These spiders were just hanging around on the cement.  I think the crab spider was
 sunbathing and the wolf spider was actually on the move to a warmer spot.   © Carol Davis 1-21-2015

upside-down crab spider
I found this crab spider outside a building on the island in a corner that would have housed a Black Widow
in warm weather. I think the old widow's web was a wind block
for this large, gray Crab Spider.  I saw a
couple of flying insects on the island at times, but
I couldn't make out what they were as they sped by trying to
 keep their
wings from freezing :)  The sun was shining but it didn't do much good. At one point when I was sitting
in my vehicle not far from the lake my car temperature gauge told me
there was "Ice" That made me laugh because
I think it was registering my frozen nose holes and tear ducts from my
brief walk outside.  Below is possible lunch
for this crab spider if it ever warms up (not too far from where the spider was sitting.) © Carol Davis 1-21-2015.

fly on a freezing day
Even this fly was smart enough to seek shelter from the biting wind.  © Carol Davis 1-21-2014

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