Funnel Weaver Conundrum
Family Agelenidae

western funnel weaver
I had seen this blob near the side door of my house one morning but had failed to investigate it.  It was right
underneath the small web of a Steatoda triangulosa.  Later on that night I noticed it again and decided to
investigate. I took a picture or two and then turned it over with a little stick.  © Carol Davis 8-19-2016

funnel weaver molt
When I checked out the photos I had taken of both sides, I realized it was a funnel weaving spider
that had been in the last stages of a molt and died. My question was, "what killed it?" I don't
know if it died naturally or if the little Steatoda spider killed it and decided not to eat it or
if some other spider killed it and left it.  Both of the front legs were still inside the old skin.
I felt sorry for the little thing. I know, I can hear you say "there are millions to take its
 place" but I still felt bad.  © Carol Davis 8-19-2016

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