Funnel Weavers - Page 1    (two photos)
Genus Tegenaria

funnel weaver female spider in Utah
Very, very large female Tegenaria species in Taylorsville, UT.  © Carol Davis 9-20-2008

large female tegeneria
Just about dusk in the fall of 2008 we were walking through the carport and we saw this monster spider resting on the foundation.  It was so huge it
looked like a mouse.  It had the largest abdomen I've ever seen and was probably ready to give birth.  The entire body
(not including legs) was
3/4 inch  long.  One of us held a flashlight while the other one took the shots. With these gigantic tegenaria spiders guarding the foundation
of the house and the cobweb spiders and other funnel weavers guarding the doors, what's there to worry about?  © Carol Davis, 9-20-2008

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