Funnel Weaver
Genus Agelenopsis

hololena in hydrangeas
I really like these spiders because they are my most obvious stationary garden spiders. They are everywhere - in my zucchinis, in
my tomatoes -
and I even find them in the corners in my house, mostly by the doors where they can catch anything trying to
sneak in or out.  This one was in my hydrangea bush and had made a huge web (the largest I've see in at my place) spanning
across and down (about 3 layers deep). The
picture below is just part of the web.  ©  Carol Davis 9-22-2014

hydrangea spider guard
Now if you wanted to be a spider with a death wish, you would probably make an obvious web like this one that stood
out like a sore thumb.  Most people would have killed this diligent hunter early on but I think it knew it
was safe with
 me - it rarely even ran back into its funnel when I checked on it periodically through the summer. 
Even though the spider
didn't do much for the beauty of my hydrangea, I knew it was doing its job - and I let it.
This funnel weaver is what's
generally called a "grass spider" and in the early morning you can find webs of its relatives
glistening in the dew in the
 summer in your grass. Take advantage of your hard-working spiders and give them a break
whenever you can and
they'll keep your yard in check.  © Carol Davis 9-22-2014

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