Funnel Weavers  (three photos)
Male and Female
genus - possible Hololena

funnel spider
This macho male is actually upside-down on the soffit by my front door.  I inverted the
picture so you do not have to stand on your head to see him properly. He had been
hanging around
the female (shown below) for days.© Carol Davis 10-5-2015

female funner weaving spider
This little female was very diligent in keeping moths and other critters from my front porch light. I had to
clean up this photo a lot because of all the debris and webbing (shown below).  Now she seems suspended in
air like an angel. I think she's showing off for her boyfriend.  © Carol Davis 9-29-2015

spider debris
Looks like we have a couple of leafhoppers and an immature cricket in this part of the web.
  Leafhoppers seem to be high on the the funnel weavers' menu.

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