Funnel-weaver Funnels
What it's like inside the funnel

I watched this large funnel weaver on Antelope Island drag a Robber Fly back inside its den.  You
can see the tail of the robber fly.  It took five shots to get one photo that was in focus because of the
depth of the large funnel that was on the outside portion of some rabbitbrush.  © Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

funnel spider
This is a female Hololena funnel weaver waiting at the mouth of her funnel for her next meal in Taylorsville, UT. 
My yard has a gazillion of these spiders, especially in the garden.  © Carol Davis, 7-27-2009

the end
This one got so tired of me trying to photograph it, it ran back inside, rear forward, and figured if it couldn't
see me, I couldn't see it.  © Carol Davis 7-17-2009

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