Wolf Spider Gathering Silk
family Lycosidae

wolf spider gathering silk
This small wolf spider had been ballooning around Bear River Bird Refuge in Box Elder County,
Utah when I found it. It was sitting on a twig shooting silk in all directions.  © Carol Davis 5-13-2013

wolf spider ballooning
When it was done shooting strands all over the place, it then began gathering it up again.  I've seen
this quite a few times, since I love to find spiders in the spring when they balloon all
over the place.
This photo and the previous one shows how it hung over the edge of the twig and, with six legs and at
 warp speed,
gathered a lot of it back in again to be reused. The family of spiders known as Orb Weavers
also eat their webs so they can
reuse the silk for the next web. I remember one time on Antelope Island
being covered in silk by a wolf spider shooting more silk than I thought was even possible for it
to make. I was pulling silk from my hair and clothes for quite a while.  © Carol Davis 5-13-2012

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