Ground Spider, Part I   (two photos)
Family Gnaphosidae

Genus Sergiolus (first three photos)

ground spider

ground spider
This male Gnaposid was outside the house on the foundation and was trying its best to hide with no place to hide.   It was definitely the
same body design as the one below with just a little difference in coloring (probably age related). © Carol Davis, 6-24-2008

Ground spider
This male had "webbed" itself into my mesh body scrub in the shower (which scrub I had just used
the previous day and hung up to dry).  He dropped immediately out of the mesh and was not the least bit
aggressive.  I have yet to find more of these specifically-patterned ground spiders on the Internet--
except for the photo I submitted to  The pattern looks like a guy with a spiky hat or hair-do
so I think "Spike" should be his name.   I put him outside but with the cold weather he'll
just come back in. I had posted one like it here before, but this photo is better.  All Gnaphosids can
bite so don't mess with the spiders other than to relocate them. © Carol Davis,11-18-06

Genus Unknown

Running Ground Spider
From what I have read, these spiders are real ant hunters.  They are night-stalkers and very beneficial. 
The name "running ground spider"certainly applies to this beauty.  Carpet didn't slow it down.  I love
 the way the eyes, in two rows of four each, reflect the flash of the camera.  This spider was was such a
lovely color of brown that was accented by the blue carpet.  © Carol Davis, 7-7-2006

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