Goldenrod Crab Spider   (three photos)
Misumena vatia

goldenrod crab spider
I had been checking flowers all day around the Jordanelle wetlands in Wasatch County, Utah and just as I was about to
leave I found this small, colorful female Goldenrod Crab Spider resting in the middle of a patch of flowers.  How cool to
offset its eyes with red.  © Carol Davis, 6-28-2009

yellow and red crab spider

I don't see that many bugs attracted to white flowers when I'm out but when you place a yellow object with splashes
 of red--now that's a flower to visit!  I'm sure that's what helps this crab spider get an easy lunch.

yellow crab spider
Any time something would get close, like a bug or my camera, it would raise and open its long
front legs to prepare for the grab. What a fantastic spider to find in such a beautiful place
on a gorgeous June day.  © Carol Davis 6-28-2009

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