Grapevine Spider  (three photos)
Sassacus vitis

male Sassacus vitis
I found this tiny male Grapevine Spider, with a funky right front leg, at Bear River MBR.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2010

sassacus vitis
Maybe this little guy got two good legs on his next molt - hope so.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2010

Sassacus vitis

I found this sparkly jumping spider at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island gnawing on a little midge
and calling an old fence "home."  It's nicknamed "Grapevine Spider" because it prefers to reside
 in vineyards. I have photographed these at Farmington Bay, Bear River MBR, and now AI (none
 near any vineyards that I'm aware of, but how many grapevines are there
in Northern Utah?) Maybe a female? © Carol Davis 4-13-2015

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