Grass Spider
Genus Agelenopsis

grass spider on Antelope Island
This was a large, beautiful, hairy Grass Spider and even more bristly than the one I found in my tub
in Taylorsville. It was lounging in a building on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

You will notice right in front of the eyes on the pedipalps are things that resemble boondoggle (am I showing
my age here by using this term?). When I asked the experts about this, they gave me this answer: 
"Those long circular things are the part of the palp called the embolus. If the palp as a whole is akin to a needle
and syringe, the embolus is the needle. It is this part of the palp that is inserted into the female's epigynal
opening to deliver the sperm."
©Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

grass spider emboli
I lightened this photo to show the embolus on both palps.  © Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

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