Grass Spider  (four photos)
possible Agelenopsis aperta

grass spider
I pulled my car over to the side of the road on Antelope Island
this was the biggest spider funnel I had ever seen. 
A gorgeous female Grass Spider came gliding out and
 stayed out for these photos.
© Carol Davis 8-3-2016

possible Agelenopsis
This gorgeous gal was pretty much flawless and
had beautiful markings. © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

gray grass spider on
            Antelope Island
She was a hirsute little thing and even the top of her
fangs were extremely hairy.  The strong black bands
 on the legs were something I hadn't seen before
on a Grass Spider.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

large grass spider funnel
The opening to the funnel dwarfed this girl. I was
 lucky to find her.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

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