Tiny Ground Spider  (four photos)
Ant mimic spiders
Genus Sergiolus

grund spider
I first noticed this spider on a cement bridge at Bear River MBR. My first thought was that it
was an ant, but being the skeptic that I am, I took a closer look. The front four legs were pushed
forward enabling it to look like an ant with antennae and all. I love spiders.  © Carol Davis, 4-8-2012

I took quite a few pictures and the spider barely moved through all my shots. Then as I was taking
a photo from the front, ziiiiipppp, the spider took off running right towards me. I think it might have
 been a little miffed that I was blowing its cover and decided to scare me off. Even tiny spiders breaking
the sound barrier can me somewhat intimidating.
© Carol Davis, 4-8-2012

tiny ground spider
I found this female spider from the genus Sergiolus on the foundation of my
house in Taylorsville, UT.  © Carol Davis 6-5-2007

ground spider
This spider may look large on this page, but it is the smallest ground spider
I have ever seen.  It must have been newly hatched because it was about the size of a
 tiny sugar ant (what my family used to call piss ants).  I put the tip of my finger down
in front of the spider to keep it from running away but it kept going right towards
my old, gnarled finger--maybe it was hungry because there can't be much to eat in
the middle of February.  I have found these spiders under rocks just sitting
with tiny ants running all around. I wonder if science is studying their stealth
habits for use in warfare.  © Carol Davis, 2-18-2010

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