Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Genus Habronattus

I found this little male Habronattus jumping spider, with his spikey hairdo, on a cactus outside of the Henderson
Viewing Ponds in Henderson, Nevada.

Male spider
 I took a few photographs of this little guy and then he sprang to another cactus like he had been shot out of a
 cannon. I took one more photo and then he sprang to the netherworld. I never did find him again. 

jumping spider
Is there anything cuter than a tiny jumping spider?! (maybe kittens...)  Have you ever noticed how a cactus
actually resembles the region it lives in.  Doesn't this cactus look like the arid areas of Utah and Nevada with
just a few bushes poking out here and there?  It might not be fun, however, to come across a jumping spider
that was larger than the bushes.  © Carol Davis, 5-29-2010

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