Jumping Spider
Genus Habronattus

Habronattus jumping spider
I had just landed on Antelope Island and gotten out of my car to walk a little when I thought I saw a beetle on
a dead bush. lt turned out to be this good-sized Habronattus jumper (maybe
female.)  I had never seen
a Habronattus this large so I thought it had to be a Phidippus. Wrong. © Carol Davis 6-1-2016

Habronattus species of jumping spider
This spider was pretty close to the ground so I was not able to get a full facial shot. Once it got used to me
shoving my camera near it, it settled in to finish its lunch.  
I was told by a nice man, Tim Manolis, that
this was not a Phidippus jumping spider but indeed a Habronattus. Thanks, Tim.  © Carol Davis 6-1-2016

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