The Hanging Widow   (three photos)
Latrodectus hesperus

handing black widow
Around 10:00 am on Antelope Island, I found this male Black Widow just hanging like this from a side
wall in a building.  It wasn't moving and appearred to be dead or in a state of "suspended" animation.

what happened
When I returned to the same place about 5 hours later, the spider was turned around
and was now stuck with other things.

bugs and black widow
It still wasn't moving but some other spider had brought down a bunch of flies and grouped them all.  There was a web
attached from this glob to the flies suspended above.  I have a feeling that by morning, this glob will have grown into
some kind of feast for an egg sac.  Very strange.  I don't know if the culprit was a female black widow or another kind
of spider.  © Carol Davis, 8-23-2009

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