Crab Spider

crab spider with a heart
I spied this large beauty in a bunch of Sweet Clover in Wasatch County (picture below). After I took  the shot,
 I zoomed in to see what I had taken and, low and behold, there was a spider with a heart. If you look at her
red spots, she has a big heart on her left side (isn't that where they belong?) and two smaller hearts on
the front.
How cool is that?! The spot on her right somehow got messed up in Mother Nature's stamping
© Carol Davis 6/22/2012

crab spider with a heart
This is the what I saw when I first detected a small blob in the midst of the Sweet Clover. She had very cleverly
whipped together a little resting spot (see red circled area). 
When I returned the next day she had captured
a small bee (below). © Carol Davis 6/22/2012

heart of a crab spider
I hope she has babies with her same markings -may I introduce the Heart family? © Carol Davis 6/23/2012

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