Hobo Spider
Eratigena agrestis
formerly Tegenaria agrestis

tegenaria agrestis
This spider was caught in a trap so I decided to photograph it.  I thought it might be the Hobo and
that was confirmed by Bugguide.  Carol Davis, 12-17-2006

hobo spider in Utah
What a set of chompers on this female. They could bite you if you harassed them and I sure as heck wouldn't want
those fangs in me! Hobo spiders don't have rings on their legs and as you can see from this photo, this spider has
 none.  We have had no trouble with this species and we seem to have a lot of them.
Carol Davis, 12-17-2006

hobo spider
This, of course, is the undersideAccording to Bugguide, the name "agrestis" does not mean agressive:
"The Latin translation of agrestis is simply "rural" or "in the fields" (in their native Europe, this species
 is most commonly found in fields)
Carol Davis, 12-17-2006

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