Hobo Spider
Eratigena agrestis

Tegenaria agrestis

eratigena agrestis
A neighbor boy, Kaden Jensen, brought this over and asked if I thought it was a Hobo. I submitted
it to Buggguide and they confirmed that it was indeed that spider. I have seen Hobo Spiders around
my house for a long time and they pretty much keep out of my way so I'm not too worried about them.
Funnel weaving spiders pay the rent by guarding the crevices in my house and many times I just let them
be - unless they become too numerous; besides, my cats have always taken care of the ones on the move 

The females Hobos get rather large when they're about to give birth and are pretty scary looking, as you
can see from some other Hobo Spider photos I took. By the way, these spiders are not aggressive, as you
might misconceive from the scientific name. © Carol Davis 8-14-2008

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