Ice Cubes - Sons and Daughters of the Ice Spiders

On February 8, 2010, I found some Running Crab Spiders and some Larinioides orb weavers
 in freezing temperatures attempting to make a little whoopee on Antelope Island.  I named them
the Ice Spiders.  On May 18 I found these little spiders, the offspring of the ice spiders, in the
same area and decided to share the new photos for the arachnid family album.  Long
live the hardy spider babies!

This is a beautiful male Larinioides Orb Weaver - what a handsome devil.  The spitting image of his father (second photo
down on the Ice Spiders page)!

This beautiful female Larinioides was watching the guys go by. Not a hair out of place and dreaming
of frosty ice encounters next February.  Her mother would be proud!

running crab spider
Young Running Crab Spider in a gorgeous new outfit just waiting for lunch. A perfect specimen
of a Philodromid with the speed of an athlete.  It's all about the genes, passed down through
generations.  © Carol Davis, 4-18-2010
Good luck, little Ice Cubes.

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