Jumping Spider  (five photos)
possible Habronattus hirsutus

This tiny spider was hiding in the dead grasses on Antelope
Island in mid-April. Great camouflage! © Carol Davis 4-16-2012

possible Habronattus
I think this might be Habronattus hirsutus.
I find quite a few of them out there on the
 island. © Carol Davis 4-16-2012

jumping spider
Wouldn't it be nice to have eyes on the side
of your head as well as the front? I wouldn't
want to eat flies, though. © Carol Davis 4-16-2012

female Habronattus
Lovely little female Habronattus in Mercur Canyon,
Tooele County, Utah © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

habronattus jumping spider
Tooele County, Utah jumper.  © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

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