Jumping Spider with Moth Prey  (four photos)
Habronattus (hirsutus?)

sneaking up on prey
Little Habronattus jumper sneaking up on a moth on
Antelope Island. It may or may not have known
the moth was deceased.  In the photos below you
can see that it made a great launching pad for
snatching flying insects. © Carol Davis 7-2-2014

take a good look
Casing the joint to see if there are other spiders
laying claim to the prey. © Carol Davis 7-1-2014

spider on moth
            launching pad
What a great place to hide (with a little shade, as well)
 while watching the insects, like the bee below,  who were
 visiting the milkweed this day. © Carol Davis 7-2-2014

bee visiting milkweek
Just another unsuspecting gorgeous bee visiting
 the milkweed unaware of the dangers of the
 spiders lurking there. © Carol Davis 7-1-2014

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