Jumping Spider  (three photos)
Tutelina similis

pregnant gray jumping spider
I saw this little female jumping spider next to the trail at
Pineview Reservoir. She was upside-down spinning
a web
beneath a leaf. As I walked by her to get a better view, she
 fell to the ground. I must have come in
contact with a silk
 line stretched across  the path.  © Carol Davis, 6-21-2015

little gray jumping spider
I think she was attempting to make a retreat where
she could lay her egg
s since she is pretty darn
plump.  She was more of a gray color than
these photos show. © Carol Davis 6-21-2015

hairless gray jumping spider with striped legs
I don't recall ever seeing a spider like this one, with those cute
little striped legs and gray color over all. After much research
on this jumper, I know it is a Tutelina species.  Tutelina similis has
been found in Utah according to this article.  Tolweb has some
 photos of a female of this species.  Update: as of this evening
(June 24) it has been confirmed by Bugguide that this is a
Tutelina similis
. Yes! © Carol Davis 6-21-2015

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