Jumping Spider  (four photos)
Habronattus hirsutus

jumping spider
This was one of the times this Habronattus hirsutus male on Antelope Island sat still long
enough for me to take some halfway decent photos.  Both the males and females are
hairy - hence the name "hirsutus" (hirsute def. = "hairy".)  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

Habronattus hirsutus
He was all over the place and was hard to track with the camera.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

habronattus spider with hairy legs
It was so cute the way he flipped those hairy front legs up into the air as he jumped around in
the bushes. It's a thing
they do in courtship and, although I could not find a female, I'm sure
there was one close by because he was pretty excited.  © Carol D
avis 5-4-2016

Antelope island jumping spider
If you want to see a short video I took of this spider in action, visit Youtube here. You will
see in the video that he also has some red on his face. © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

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