Jumping Spider hiding amidst the Alyssum 
(two photos)  -  Phidippus audax

spider in the alyssum
While watching some tiny little flies, bees or wasps (so tiny I can't tell) flying above the Alyssum in my planter box, I
noticed a striped insect on a stem. At first I thought it must be a tiny bee but then I realized it was probably a spider.
My next thought was that it could be a Zebra Jumpier.  I took a few photos and to my surprise it was a little Bold
r.  I think it's going to have trouble catching those elusive fliers overhead.  Below is a cropped
photo of the little thing.  © Carol Davis 7-17-2016

Phidippus audax
I'm going to keep trying to take pictures of the tiny flying insects, but I don't hold much hope because
they're tinier than this spider. © Carol Davis 7-17-2016

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