Jumping Spider   (three photos)
Habronattus clypeatus

Tiny male Habronattus clypeatus in Mercur Canyon,
Tooele County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

male habronattus
With his dark Zorro mask, bi-colored pedipalps, red-brown bulbous
"kneecaps" and super abdominal pattern, he is a striking figure
among the little jumping spiders.  © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

spider abdominal
We could use this spider's abdomen for a Rorschach ink blot test.
I think I see two people kissing or maybe a bear's head with a
tan snout.  If you turn it the other way, it looks like a tree
within a tree.  Insane, you say? Ha! © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

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