A Jumping Spider's Autobiography
"The Ultimate Hunter"
(by "Phid "Apacheanus
as dictated to Carol Davis)

The Ultimate Hunter
(Phidippus apacheanus)

I need no rock with leather sling
Nor arrow with a power bow.
No fishing rod with hook and line.
No knife, no bomb, no tor-pe-do.

I have no need of musket loud,
Of sticky traps, of Green Berets.
I don’t use gas or virus mail.
My strength lies in my cunning ways.

I do use bungee cords sometimes,
And even like to watch and wait,
But I’m a hunter, tried and true
Who has no need of web or bait.

I stalk and eat, I seldom sleep.
I have eight eyes to help me see.
I’m eager, fearless, to the core.
Arachnid proud - an A-pa-che.

My taste's the best among my peers.
I don't eat tripe or oatmeal mush,
I choke on clams and es-car-got,
But flies can give me quite the rush.
-- "Phid" Apacheanus
                           © Carol Davis1-7-2016

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