Orb Weaver
Species Larinioides

green larinioides
I was tooling down the dirt road near the water at Bear River MBR in Box Elder County, Utah when
I spotted this large orb weaver hanging out in front of the reeds (possibly phragmites). It brought
me to a halt because this spider, which looked very much like a Larinioides species (and, in fact, was),
appeared to be greenish. The vegetation around it was green so I think the spider somehow decided
to blend in with its surroundings a little (maybe a Chameleon Spider?)  © Carol Davis 5-29-2012

furrow spider
I was kind of disappointed that this wasn't a Humpbacked Orb Weaver (Tom Murray's site) or a Lichen Orb Weaver
(at Spiderzrule)
but was a Larinioides.  I see these spiders in various places around Bear River but I've never seen one
out in the open like this female was - she was definitely a free spirit - and greenish. She was just finishing
up her lunch so I bid her a farewell and wishes for happy hunting.  It seems there's always something
different to discover in insect and spider photography - it never gets boring.  © Carol Davis 5-29-2012

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