Bear River Larinioides Orb Weavers  (three photos)
Genus Larinioides

Three different-looking Larinioides I found on one day at Bear River MBR.

This was a male that was out in the open at Bear River MBR. Probably looking
for a female, like the one below.  © Carol Davis 4-3-2016

orb weavers of Bear River MBR
I believe this to be a female and she was tucked away inside a pipe and not in the open like the
 males. Her body is much hairier than the two males.  © Carol Davis 4-3-2015

male Larinioides orb weaver
These males are very round, like the females. Lots of times male spiders in general are
much smaller and skinnier. The boxing-glove-like structures (pedipalps) in the
front are used for mating. © Carol Davis 4-3-2016

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