Late October Spiders on Antelope
Island and at Farmington Bay, Utah 
(five photos)

male and female black widow
We were very surprised to find these black widows - male and female - outside
Antelope Island on October 28, 2018.  © Carol Davis 10-28-2018

late October neoscona species
The only live Neoscona species we found all day
the Island.  © Carol Davis 10-28-2018

This was a very tiny jumping spider doing a "spider flag" strength
exercise at Farmington Bay WMA.  © Carol Davis 10-28-2018

We think he was waiting to see what we thought of his
athleticism - we gave him a 10.  © Carol Davis 10-28-2018

beautiful body
He was an immature jumping spider and performed
 very well for his age. © Carol Davis 10-28-2018

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