Long-jawed Orb Weaver  (four photos)

Long-jawed orb
This quite large LJOW was hanging around on Antelope Island. Notice the third set of
legs from the front are shorter than the rest. This is a good way to identify this
 particular spider.  Also, you can see why it's called the LONG-JAWED orb
weaver (below). Carol Davis, 7-9-06

Long jaws of
                the orb weaver

                - long jawed orb weaver
This is a very small spider that lurks in the wetlands of Jordanelle
 Reservoir in Utah. 
They have very long legs and are hard to
 spot because of their size. 
Carol Davis, 6-14-06

Long-jawed Orb Weaver
This little spider was very small--maybe 1/8 inch (or smaller--so that's
 why the shot is not very large.  Found on Antelope Island. 
Notice the eyes are in two rows of four each. Carol Davis, 6-11-06

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