Long-jawed Orb Weaver  (three photos)
Genus Tetragnatha

long-jawed orb weaver
I found this tiny, beautiful Long-jawed Orb Weaver near the
Antelope Island marina. Its beautiful colors
and nifty "hangout"
fascinated me.  I don't see a lot of these on the island because
 they are good at hiding
and when the big spiders come out in the summer,
they tend to disappear for the most part.  It was far enough away that
I couldn't have gotten close for a photo without disturbing it, so I settled
for a telephoto shot. Below is an interesting web shot.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

things in webs
Several of these little corkscrew seed pods (which I just found out
are from the invasive plant Redstem Filaree) were lashed into the web
 that was spread throughout the dead bush shown  below. When I first saw
them through my binoculars I thought they were insect legs (maybe
grasshopper) but then decided there were too many of them and
they must be seed pods. I think the wind blew them in there and
 twisted them around in the spider silk. © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

scrawny bush
Barren home for a spider.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

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