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Oxyopes scalaris
8 - 23 mm.

oxyopes spider on a leaf
Just like a cat on the hunt, this tiny Lynx Spider surveys its surroundings from a high perch
atop a common yarrow leaf in search of some tasty insects.    Carol Davis 5-16-2017

closer shot of a lynx spider
The spider was very intense in its hunt and my camera in its face
didn't break its concentration.  Carol Davis 6-16-2017

Oxyopes scalaris lynx spider
I found this brightly-colored Western Lynx spider on my common yarrow plants. They haven't yet
come into bloom, but the spiders were all set for whatever landed or flew by.  Carol Davis 5-15-2017

Oxyopes scalaris lynx spider
I love the big headlights on these spiky spiders. This little thing looks like it has ears and a nose, as well as big
front eyes.  I don't know if it's male or female - maybe has a little growing to do yet.  Carol Davis 5-15-2017

pregnant lynx spider
This fat (most likely pregnant) female was concentrating on looking for prey and didn't care
that I was getting closer and closer to her.  She was not as colorful as the first spider I
 found and they were both quite small.. Carol Davis 5-17-2017

lynx spider
Western Lynx spiders can spring just like "Jumping Spiders" and are good at
insects in mid air.  It is said that they are named "Lynx Spiders" because
they stalk their prey and pounce just like cats. Carol Davis 5-17-2017

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