Male Western Lynx Spider
Oxyopes scalaris

male lynx spider
I was just about to walk around the corner under my plum tree when I spotted something dangling
from a branch - just about eye level - and making its way slowly downward.  I immediately recognized
it as a Lynx Spider.  If I had continued
on my way without having spotted him, I would
probably have been wearing him on my shirt.   ©
Carol Davis 6-27-2014

male oxyopes scalaris in Utah
I grabbed his silk and lowered him to a concrete block but he was having none of that. After I shot these
two photos, he took off into the grass trying to make his way back to the plum tree. 
I love their bristly
legs. Lynx spiders are everything a spider should be - fast and hairy - and they can jump like a jumping
spider, but not as far. That's how he was making his way through the grass - running and jumping. They can
also jump to catch their prey.
Those little boxing gloves he's sporting in the front are for mating (pedipalps). 
This is the second male Lynx Spider I've  found this year and usually I can't find any males; must be
a banner year. 
© Carol Davis 6-27-2014

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