Gorgeous Male Black Widow  (four photos)
Latrodectus hesperus

male black widow
I was leaving my shed shed when I decided to check the doors for spiders. Then as I was about
 to shut the doors, I spotted a small black spider with a bright red stripe near the very bottom
of the door. Yes, red. The flash on my camera made the stripe look more orange/yellow. The
crackling was evident on the red, as well.  I have never seen a male this black and
colorful before.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2016

male black widow
I see that kind of crackling effect on Steatoda cobweb spiders
so I was a little confused as to the species. Jeff Hollenbeck
on Bugguide helped determine it was a sub-adult male
Latrodectus hesperus.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2016

Latrodectus hesperus subadult male
A little view from the side-ish.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2016

male black widow in a bowl
Here's a shot of him trying to scale the bowl I had him in for a very short
time. He was fast little devil and I could NOT get him turned over to take
a picture of the belly. I bounced him around with no success until he
bounced right out of the container and
took off.  What
a beauty!  © Carol Davis 9-21-2

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