March 15 2017 Spiders
Salticus, Larinioides, Lycosidae, Dictyna

Zebra spider with midge
When you're driving down the Antelope Island causeway and looking at the "midgenadoes" that
line the side of
the road, keep in mind that the Zebra Jumping Spider is doing its best to cut down
the midge population. This thought will be reinforced as you are scraping midge carcasses
off your windshield & hood at the car wash.  See more photos below. © Carol Davis 3-15

These are "midgenadoes" - towering tornadoes of midges (this photo taken at Bear
 River MBR.) More March 15 2017 spiders are shown below.

Larinioides species lounging in the warm spring air on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 3-15-2017

Wolf spider
This little wolf spider was pretending to be a midge as it hung from a bush on Antelope
Island. At this time of year the bushes are thick with midges. © Carol Davis 3-15-2017

dot on a bush is a spider
This looked like a small peppercorn on some dead flowers but I knew that it had to
be a Dictyna species. They are very small, industrious spiders.  The spiders are awakening
on the island as the insect population blossoms.  Yesterday I also saw an unidentified jumping
spider and a Desert Orb Weaver.  Get ready, here they come! © Carol Davis 3-15-2017

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