Metepeira Orb Weaver Dating Game
Genus Metepeiras (possible Foxi)

Series of  8 photos

male metepeira desert orb weaver
Meet the male Metepeira Desert Orb Weaver possibly building a home for a female (below) who is
leisurely dining on an insect in the middle of her web on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

female metepeira orb weaver
While she is resting here, the male is stringing web all around her in the bushes which cover
about a 3-foot radius around.  Whether or not they have mated, he seems intent on
making sure his territory is mapped out around her.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

fixing up the new home
Tidying up around the place.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

male spider
"I'm your guy. I can shinny up or down a pole upside down. "  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

anchored spider
"I am the base that forms the eternal triangle of our future."  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

tight rope walking spider
"I am so strong I can hang upside down by my toes." © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

Spider Christmas tree topper
"I will put the star on your Christmas tree and take care of you for the rest of your life."
 [Christmas tree star added by me, of course]  © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

spider home
"Our home may be rustic but it is home-sweet-home to me." Now if you want to see how
crazy this guy was with all his silk-tossing, watch my video on Youtube.
Perhaps all this has
nothing to do with the nearby female, but I remember watching a tiny male cobweb spider
place silk all around in the bushes after mating.  He even placed a loose-fitting lattice
around the leaf his mate was sitting on.
Metepeira spiders are tiny and are at a peak
right now on Antelope Island, as are their prey - biting midges. © Carol Davis 5-4-2016

And they lived happily ever after - hopefully.

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