What's on the Other Side of the Web?  (four photos)
Genus Metepeira
"Desert Orb Weaver"

Metepeira orb spider web
Have you ever seen one of these curious webs on Antelope Island? Check out the other
side, like I did, and you
may find this (see below).  Carol Davis 5-4-2016

desert orb weaver on Antelope island
Makes a pretty good hiding place, don't you think?  These tiny spiders are some of the most interesting
web builders and have some really cool egg sac structures.  Below are some photos of other
web structures and retreats.  Caro Davis 5-4-2016

messy web retreat
Just disguise yourself as another piece of web detritus to fool your prey. Seems to work. Carol Davis 5-4-2016

hiding in plain sight
I think this female may actually be building a structure to lay her eggs in or it might
be a retreat, as well.  Carol Davis 5-4-2016

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