Metepeira Orb Weaver

spider retreat
I found this little Metepeira species spider hanging from an outside ceiling on Antelope Island. What a find! Usually
these webs are so close to the ground that I'm unable to photograph the spider.  This spider retreat contains all
kinds of stuff:  egg sacs, insects, insect parts and an intricate weaving of webs to support the structure.
© Carol Davis, 7-22-2010

orb weaver
This smaller Metepeira seems to be just starting on her retreat.  I think the sweet-roll-shaped case she is resting
under is an egg sac. All the webs I've seen so far have this strangely-shaped object in them
The southwestern side of
Antelope Island seems to contain more Metepeira orb weavers and jumping spiders.  The northwest side of the island
is dominated by the Neoscona spiders and this year they also have control of the areas I usually find Black Widows. This
will change as the large numbers of Neoscona die off.   There must be millions of Neoscona on the island right
 now-- it's a banner year for the little beauties.  © Carol Davis 7-22-2010

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