Neoscona Orb Weaver
(five photos)

big neoscona
                    at Bear River MBR
I found this big ol' girl hiding in some blooming
rabbitbrush at Bear River MBR. I think may be only
the second
Neoscona Orb Weaver I've ever found at
 Bear River MBR. 
Let's just be safe and say I haven't
found many there. Carol Davis 9

                    arrangement of the Neoscona
Eye arrangement of a male Neoscona.
Carol Davis 7-9-2006, Antelope Island, UT

                    arabesca male
Neoscona male on Antelope Island.  The Island is covered with them,
 especially around the marina. I read here that there's a longitudinal groove

on the carapace that separates the Neoscona species from other
 similar orb weavers.
Not a N. arabesca as my older photo states. Carol Davis, 7-17-05

This male  spider, showing the spinnerets, stood out
 from among the rest because of his bright yellowish
 coloring.  He absolutely glowed in the afternoon
 sunlight.  Carol Davis, 7-17-05, Antelope Island

Neoscona arabesca
This side view of the male Neoscona shows the yellow on the abdomen
and the black pedipalps. Notice the way he holds on to the web.
I love this photo, however, the spider is not a N. arabesca as
my older photo suggests.  Carol Davis, 7-17-2005

When you walk into a web of this spider on Antelope Island 
it's like walking into nylon string.  They have many thick single
strands strategically placed in the area so if you, a coyote, or a
roaming buffalo walk into one it warns them you're coming through.
They then quickly run
along one of their non-sticky web lines and
hide under a leaf or branch.  Carol DAvis 7-17-2005

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