Neoscona arabesca or possibly Neoscona crucifera
or N.
Neoscona oaxacensis (four photos)
Orb Weaver

eye arrangement of the Neoscona
Eye arrangement of the Neoscona.

Neoscona arabesca male
Neoscona arabesca male on Antelope Island.  The Island is covered with them, especially
around the marina. I read here that there's a longitudinal groove
posteriorly on the
carapace that separates the Neoscona species from other similar orb weavers.
What specific Neoscona is the problem in identification.
 © Carol Davis, 7-17-05

Neoscona arabesca
This spider, showing the spinnerets, stood out from among the rest because of her bright yellowish
coloring.  She absolutely glowed in the afternoon sunlight.  © Carol Davis, 7-17-05

Neoscona arabesca
This side view of the male Neoscona arabesca shows the yellow on the abdomen
and the black pedipalps. Notice the way he holds on to the web. © Carol Davis, 7-17-2005

When you walk into a web of this spider on Antelope Island  it's like walking
 into nylon string.  They have many thick single strands strategically placed in the area
so if you, a coyote, or a roaming buffalo walk into one it warns them you're coming through.
They then quickly run
along one of their non-sticky web lines and hide under a leaf or branch. 
There are a few varieties of Neoscona in Utah and no one seems to know which
spider is which.  I have chosen Neoscona arabesca only because I read it is on
Antelope Island, where I took these photos. The other Neoscona are
N. oaxacensis,
and N. crucifera. 

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