Neoscona Male Invited to Lunch  (two photos)
Genus Neoscona

lunch for a Neoscona spider
The millions of spiders have been out for a while on Antelope Island and the bugs are still
plentiful so I didn't see a lot of spiders eating other spiders yet, but this
male didn't wait for
his bride-to-be to eat before he approached her. He could have, at least,
brought her a meal. 
I watched a lot of male spiders yesterday just miss being nabbed by
a female that wasn't in
an amorous mood.  The Black Widow is not alone in snacking on her mate. Most spiders
will eat one another for various reasons. Take a look below at this formidable
female with her long legs and gaping jaws.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2015

neoscona jaws
When they're warning each other to stay away, they will open their jaws wide. If it doesn't
scare another spider, it would certainly scare me!  It's a good thing I know they're more
scared of you and me and will run away if approached.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2015

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