Mating Neoscona Orb Weavers  (fourphotos)
on Antelope Island
Neoscona oaxacensis

Neoscona oaxacensis mating pair
2015 was a big year for the Neoscona species, at least in one area on the island. There were plenty
of bugs to go around, as well. This hand-holding mating pair of Neoscona oaxacensis turned their
mating ritual
into an art form.  Maybe the longer legs on the males help with balance during
mating as well as for fending off females interested only in food.  The two spiders below didn't
look quite as elegant as these two - whatever works. Carol Davis 7-6-2015

mating spiders
2011:  I've always come upon the "before" situations  where the male Neoscona is trying to get permission to come
 in to be with the female or the "after" situations where the male is wrapped up in a webbed ball suffering
the consequences of mating (hey, the female has to feed the newborn something when they hatch!) The male
is the brownish-colored spider. 
Carol Davis, 8-16-2011

Moving around the female has to be a touchy situation because if the little guy makes her
angry during this ordeal, he could end up being a snack, after which she will wait for
another mate. People think Black Widows are the only spiders that consume or
kill their suitors but I have seen it in a lot of species. Carol Davis 8-16-2011

spiders mating
I'm sure it takes a little maneuvering to get 16 long legs to fit comfortably for both spiders and it
makes holding hands a bit of a chore. They are wrapped up like a ball of twine in the making.  These
large spiders attract a lot of people during the summer on Antelope Island. Some people are fascinated
and others are truly terrified, especially if they walk through the bushes and get caught in the thick
webs.  The spiders are harmless and run when anyone gets too close to them. 
Carol Davis, 8-16-2011

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