Orb Weaver Molting  (four photos)
genus Neoscona

falling off the molt
Dropping from the molt on Antelope
 Island. © Carol Davis 7-16-2019

  This just before the fall.  © Carol Davis 7-16-2019

spider shedding skin
Whenever I see a spider who has almost transparent legs like
this one, I often wonder if its going to molt or has just molted.
In this case, it has just molted and is still clinging to its shed skin.
© Carol Davis  8-19-2018, Antelope Island, Davis County, UT

molting Neoscona
What a wonderful thing to witness. I only wish I had
 taken up insect and spider photography when I was
much younger. Of course, they didn't have the fantastic
point-and-shoot cameras they have now that make good
photography available to everyone. Even a novice like
me can take pretty good photos. © Carol Davis 8-19-2018

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