Female Orb Weavers   (four photos)
Genus Neoscona

Female neoscona with midge
While scouting for spiders on Antelope Island in November, and not really expecting to find orb weavers, I
this female Neoscona species with a midge lunch (lots of midges flying around).  © Carol Davis 11-9-2016

orbweaver in November
November spiders are exciting to find, especially if they are orb weavers. This
gal was fat and sassy - probably getting ready to lay eggs.  © Carol Davis 11-9-2016

Neoscona spider species are abundant in the summer months on the Island, but are
very scar
ce in the brrrr months, like Novembrrrr.  © Carol Davis 11-9-2016

neoscona orb weaver
This was another female I found in another location. It was in a spot too low for
me to get a good picture of, however. I believe the temperature was
about 54 degrees.   © Carol Davis 11-9-2016

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